Virtual Reception Services

"Unique: being the only one if it's kind; unlike anything else"

 "cost effective and competent"

 "Australian owned and operated"


Answer Right Boutique Answering Service has a wide range of Virtual Reception Services to suit your business needs. We can customise any one of the below options to suit your business and work out a package to fit you. Whether you are a large business with many staff or a small business that just needs that personalised touch.

What we can do: We can answer general enquiries on your business's behalf; Quote your prices/call out rates etc. All our clients have a personalised greeting made specifically for them when using our reception service to give that personal touch at no extra cost. All our clients 


Why use us and what makes us unique?

We are 100% Australian owned and operated.

We are family owned and operated.

We offer every client big or small a personalised greeting of your choice to be recorded for you. 

We can upload your hold music or greeting onto our service so your calls are seamless

We offer the same two girls allocated specifically to you. This means your callers get to know our girls, and we get to know your callers. 

Our system offers navigation mapping for all our clients so if needed we can direct your callers to your office without having to be on site.

Answer Right also captures your regular callers data so their is no need to repeatedly ask for your important clients details over and over.  

No contracts or setup fees - We believe in our services and therefore don't feel the need to lock our clients into anything. 

All our services are flexible including our prices, busy a couple of months and then quiet throughout the rest of the year? advertising? No problems, we can change your plan to suit your needs.

                                                             For a free quote call 1300 366 954.

Message Taking
One of our live operators will take your callers details and forward the message to you by email and SMS

Warm Transfers
Answer Right can transfer your call through to you or your staff directly announcing who is calling. When you are unavailable Answer Right can send a message to you by email and SMS. Then you or your staff can return the call when you are available.

Respond to Enquiries
Our friendly professional staff will do the ground work for you by answering the caller’s general questions and enquiries on your behalf. We can advise rates and call outs. Advise callers your location and directions to your premises and parking areas, opening times etc.

We support any types of business from Government to Small Business to Not for Profit Organisations



We are Australia Wide - Contact us today to see if we can help you.

For a free quote Call us now 1300 366 954 or go to the Contact Us page and make an enquiry.