About Answer Right

"Distinctive, Personalised, Individual and Unique Boutique Answering Service"


The Answering Service with a difference.

Tired of missing your phone calls and potential customers? Want to minimize your costs? Maybe you would like to utilize your current receptionist elsewhere. Do you receive calls when you are driving or in the middle of a meeting? Are your phone calls currently going unanswered for them to potentially take their business elsewhere?

Answer Right is different to other answering services. We are focused on quality not quantity, we want to be a part of your business and work hand in hand with you. Unlike other services we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with you and your clients. We have the same staff answering your calls just like a real receptionist or secretary. If you have regular callers, their is no need for us to constantly take their phone number or ask the spelling of their names because we already know this information making us more efficient, friendly and personalised than any other service. This is the Answer Right difference.

The founders of Answer Right are two generations of family mother and daughter working together to create a service that is different and stands out among the rest. 

The benefits of joining the Answer Right team

We have no lock in contracts, because if your happy we don't need one. Simple.
Have all your calls answered by the same live professional and friendly staff.
No longer have your business calls answered by trainee staff or untrained operators
No need to sit through another staff interview
Start working on your business rather than in your business.
We have over 35 years’ experience in the industry
We are 100% Australian owned and operated 

None of our calls go offshore ever.

We have experience taking calls for Councils, Surgeons, Doctors Rooms Alternative Practitioners, All types of Trades, Glaziers, Locksmiths, Plumbers, Electricians, Restaurants, Real Estate agencies, Construction companies, Freight Companies, Government sectors and agencies, Anaesthetists, Dentists, Food & Beverage Manufacturing Companies, Product Recalls, Lawyers, Conveyancers, Tax agents and the list goes on and on......

We understand you and your needs and want to help your business grow.

We support any types of business from Government to Small Business to Not for Profict Organisations



We are Australia Wide - Contact us today to see if we can help you.

For a free quote Call us now 1300 366 954 or go to the Contact Us page and make an enquiry.