Making a virtual phone answering service an extension of you

on Monday, 01 October 2018.

Making a virtual phone answering service an extension of you

If you own or run a company, you understand the importance of building up a rapport and relationship with your clients. A vital part of this is when they contact you, either for the first time, or on a regular basis. You'll want them to feel personally welcome, rather than impersonally greeted. Using an automated or outsourced phone answering service can sometimes make such moments entirely impersonal, even mechanical. Here is what you should expect as a starting point from such a resource...

  • A recorded and personalised greeting as part of the process. This can be produced in the style and manner that suits your operation; just as it would be if you were answering the call yourself.
  • Use of your chosen 'hold' music if you wish - again this adds constancy of response for regular callers.

Delivering familiar voices for regular customers

Once your customers have 'happily arrived', this is where some reception services then leave it to pot luck whether calls for your company are answered by different people each time. More effective operators will choose a couple of their team members and task them with answering all calls. These become familiar voices for those who call you on a regular basis, building and maintaining that vital rapport.

Apart from this feel-good factor, such a commitment also means that these individuals really learn about your company, its products, services, processes and people. They can quickly answer many simple technical questions, such as those covering opening hours, location, parking, prices, ranges, payment and delivery methods.

When the need is to speak to a specific individual, the live answering service receptionists will know the right person to contact. They can then deliver a seamless connection, including letting your team member know who is calling and the purpose of the call. All of these processes are so integrated and natural that these people could be sitting next to you!

Answer Right can help!

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